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Educational Advisors

Educational Advisors is a leading provider of customized solutions and advisory services to educational institutions in the public and private postsecondary sector, including degree and non-degree programs, trade schools, technical colleges, cosmetology schools and other privately held institutions.

For over 10 years, Educational Advisors Inc.

has focused on two areas of higher education:

Accreditation and Compliance

EAI’s team of professionals provides analysis and solutions tailored specifically to meet your school’s accreditation and compliance management needs in areas such as regional and national accreditation, compliance with federal and state regulations, and Title IV.  We’ve worked with schools in over 25 states who are accredited by national and regional agencies such as ABHES, ACCET, ACICS, ACCSC, COE, DETC, NACCAS, NASM, WASC and NASAD. Our years of proven experience will guide you through the process of developing your SERs, assisting with preparation for on-site visits and helping you respond to agencies' requests. In addition, EAI is available to conduct announced and unannounced compliance visits focused on determining the institution’s compliance with its State and accrediting agencies.  The core values of EAI are those values that form the foundation on which we perform our work and conduct ourselves:  Integrity – Professionalism – Respect.

Have you received a Compliance Inspection Letter

from BPPE?

Is your school one of hundreds of California schools that has received the Compliance Inspection Letter from the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education's (BPPE) Enforcement Section?

Is your school prepared for announced and unannounced visits from BPPE?

If not, EAI is uniquely positioned to help ensure your school is in compliance with the BPPE laws (California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009) and regulations (final regulations effective October 19, 2011).  If you are involved in preparing and signing (under penalty of perjury), the BPPE School Performance Fact Sheet(s) and Annual Reports, our EAI Advisors are available to help you with those preparations for all stages of the approval process.

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EA goes beyond the traditional role of school advisors and firms offering performance audits. We offer analysis and solutions tailored specifically to your school accreditation and compliance management needs. Don't settle for identified problems without recommended corrective actions.

Call (562) 436-3900 or click here for a complimentary consultation. Our staff is eager to help you with your compliance and accreditation needs.

Arizona Private School Association
    2014 NACCAS Accreditation Handbook Available

    January 1, 2014 ~ NACCAS

    NACCAS has published their 2014 Edition of their Accreditation Handbook - dated December 31, 2013.  As of that same date, they updated their Standards and Policies as well as their Rules of Practice and Procedure.

    Click here to download a pdf copy of each document.  They can be found on the left side of their page under "Member Resources."

    17th Edition 02/11/2014 Updated ABHES Accreditation Handbook Available

    February 11, 2014 ~ ABHES

    ABHES has updated their 17th Edition of their Accreditation Handbook - dated January 1, 2012 - updated February 11, 2014

    Click here to download a copy.

    2013 DETC Accreditation Handbook Available

    January 14, 2013 ~ DETC

    DETC has published their 20th Edition of their Accreditation Handbook - dated January 2013.

    Click here to download a copy and a pdf of the changes that were made for this years publication.

    What's the Real Impact of the President's Student Loan Plan?

    October 27, 2011 ~ Education and Labor Committee ~ RSS Article

    White House officials announced a new plan they claim will significantly lower student loan payments. In a speech yesterday at the University of Colorado, President Obama told students, “Americans could see their payments go down by hundreds of dollars a month.” Sounds great – but like most things with this administration, the facts reveal that the average student loan holder is unlikely to see any real impact from this plan.

    Obama's Student-Loan Plan Scores Political Points but Offers Limited Relief

    October 26, 2011 ~ The Chronicle of Higer Education ~ Kelly Field

    With the nation's student-loan debt approaching $1-trillion, and default rates at their highest level in a decade, President Obama is taking modest steps to ease students' debt burdens.